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We are available 24/7 to answer questions or arrange for assistance.

OurCare provides in-home support services to help seniors remain independent and give families and loved ones peace of mind. We inspire lasting relationships between caregivers and care-recipients. Our Caregivers embody the values and vision of OurCare, and are a true representation of what we stand for as a company.

Services and schedules are tailored to your needs, not ours. We look to develop a trusting and lasting relationship by delivering OurCare to meet your needs 

Our goals for our clients:

TO BE There whenever you can’t be

Caregiving from a distance can be difficult, stressful and even guilt-ridden. Let OurCare give you lasting peace of mind. We’ll even assist home safety risks and make simple corrections for ambulatory ease.

TO PROVIDE CARING companionship

There’s no overstating the importance of one-on-one care. Through social interaction, recreation and accompaniment on errands, we create treasured friendships and ensure a personal bond of trust.


OurCare stays personally involved with the lives and livelihoods of seniors, brightening the days of many who might otherwise live their golden years physically or socially isolated from the world around them.

Supporting their health, nutrition and lifestyle:

activities of daily living

To maintain good health, dignity and quality of life, OurCare is able to lovingly assist as needed with day-to-day activities such as bathing, grooming, meal preparation, transportation, shopping, transfers and mobility assistance. 

healthy nutrition and diet

From home-cooked meals to nutritional counseling, OurCare helps your loved ones get everything they need to stay healthy. We proactively ensure appropriate meals to avoid the loss of lean body mass.

medication Assistance

The home health care professionals at OurCare can help coordinate the timings of multiple prescriptions, preventing harmful drug interactions while reacting to health conditions in real time.

household chores

OurCare can help aging adults with growing struggles in simple home maintenance, while helping to keep their living spaces healthy. Count on us for laundry, vacuuming, dishes and light daily chores.

better health outcomes

Individuals with chronic conditions such as COPD, diabetes or pneumonia have been shown in research to have better health outcomes, with fewer complications, when using home health care.

Keeping you connected every step of the way:

Regular Communication

With a strategy focused on localizing our regional offices you can expect to have a relationship with your Regional Executive and the caregivers providing care. We are only a phone call away and readily available to discuss your needs and answer questions.

Client Portal
You are able to stay connected with your care: view account information, schedules and much more. The client portal lets you review the care that is being provided when it is convenient for you.

We have been with Our Care of Florida for two years now. It has been a very good experience. They do household, they do personal care with my wife, and they do respite for me. My wife is a fall risk. At this time, she is in a wheelchair and she needs somebody with her at all times. Most of the caregivers have been very good. Since my wife is fully aware, fully conscious and very capable, we're particular about who comes into the home. Our caregivers have been very sensitive and just very willing to assist us right from the beginning. They're good with their caregivers, and they're good with us as well. They're right on top with things. The people who are heading our care really have their hearts in it.


I have been using Our Care of Florida for a few months now. My experience with it has been very good.  They provide me with pretty much anything I need, back and forth to the doctor's. Here, they assist me with bathing and dressing because I'm having difficulty with those.  With this Covid19 and my health issues, I don't get out too much, and I stay primarily at home. My family feels comfortable with them coming in to assist me. I'm very articulated about it because I'm a retired RN. The care has been immaculate, I would say. One of the administrators is very articulate about checking and making sure everything is OK. She is also calling periodically, and I can always call her.  I think the agency is what we need.


Our Care has provided the sweetest and most caring people that I have ever met. I can honestly say they are loving and loved by my husband. I have seen a big difference in him since he has consistency in his care. Thanks to Keelie and Stephen!

Nancy Layer

I highly recommend Our Care, we had them for our dad and I just can’t say enough about them, they are wonderful and caring, the girls that came in the home were fantastic, caring individuals, because of them we were able to keep my dad home and comfortable until he passed. Please don’t hesitate to use them.

Kim Lehy
The service we received was excellent from the start all the way to the last day we needed them. Stephen was able to coordinate care for my mom's post surgery needs within a few hours of me contacting him. Our caregiver, Cassandra, was very professional, polite, and warm. All important things to a healing patient. I recommend them to anyone needing home care.
Mirna Skinner
Great company to work for, they appreciate you, your work and of course the clients. That is motivation for us to do what we love with enthusiasm every day!!
Selides Rivera
The team (Stephen and Andrew) are great to work with especially when managing clients with multiple health concerns. They are professionals and I would recommend them to any family.
Kristi McCart

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