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Domenic Colavito Co-Founder, Vice President OurCare In-Home Health Services

Domenic graduated from St. John’s University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Originally a pre-law major, he decided to change paths after an impactful healthcare elective where he saw the ability to help people in a greater volume, rather than the one on one role of an attorney. 

Shortly after Domenic graduated his father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He withdrew from his graduate program in the fall of 2010 to become his father’s full-time caregiver until he passed away in January of 2011. Through tragedy, he was able to see a potential opportunity to help improve the lives of families in their most vulnerable time and decided to apply for positions in the homecare industry. 

For two years he was a recruiter at Maxim Healthcare Services and was able to learn about in industry and state specific regulations in greater detail. Faced with a promotion, he decided to resign from Maxim and invest his entire inheritance in OurCare with the ultimate goal of Empowering Communities by Inspiring the Spirit of Human Connection.

Domenic is a current, and life-long NYS resident finishing his MBA at Iona University. He is actively involved with all of the day to day operations of OurCare as well as fully committed to the future success of the organization and all of its members.