OurCare was founded on the principals that the traditional home health care landscape was void of true personal connection. Bureaucracy, the regulatory environment, technology, and economics had stripped away one of the most fundamental attributes of the entire industry. A personal connection no longer existed in personal care.

Early on, our focus was just as much on successful clinical outcomes, as it was the overall patient experience.  We acknowledged that in order to provide an exemplary patient experience, it must start with those who actually service the patient, our caregivers. It was at this moment that we realized that it was our responsibility to build meaningful relationships with the entire community of people with whom we associated with. We viewed the term “community” as an ecosystem of people with interdependent needs. Each member has their own need, goal, and desired outcome, and it was our job to help identify and achieve them. Thus the name OurCare, and the mission to empower communities by nurturing human connection was born. OurCare is a tribute to each individual member of the ecosystem. OurCare exists for, and because of each member. Regardless of the capacity to which one interacts with OurCare, once you are associated with it, you become part of the ecosystem that is OurCare.

In order to serve our mission of empowering communities by nurturing human connection, we recognized early-on that OurCare must operate a very different business model as compared to the traditional home health care industry. We decided to decentralize our operations, and commit ourselves to having a local presence which would serve the community ecosystem. Having a local presence provides communities with access to a very human-side of our organization. We refer to these local offices as Regional Service Offices, and they are managed by our Regional Executives.                                                                        

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to ask questions or arrange for an in-person consultation. We aim to act as a resource to the communities in which we serve.